Our dealers run the gamut from pool & spa service and repair, new construction, and re-habs to retail supply companies. They make their reputations and grow business by having access to a full line of pool & spa supplies and parts available when they need them at a price they can count on. Sound familiar? Then join our family of dealers who simply have a direct lifeline to the products, supplies, service and expertise they need from two reliable sources—Great Plains Supply Inc. and Pool & Spa Products.

We Keep an Eye Out for Our Dealers

Our dealers are service-oriented concerned with pool chemicals, water chemistry, and keeping equipment running smoothly. They’re builders who need parts and supplies when they’re ready for install. While their customers are enjoying their pools and spas, they’re behind the scenes making them safe and keeping them in operation. We’re behind their scenes, making sure they have what they need to grow and keep business relationships. By standing behind our dealers, we’re promoting the business side of the pool and spa industry. And, we’re here to give an exemplary level of service and deliver products and supplies on time.

Four Reasons to Become Part of the Great Plains Supply and Pool & Spa Products Family of Dealers

  1. You’re tired of dealing with distributors who don’t understand your business or the products they sell enough to truly support you.

  2. You want to come in or call to get what you need and go on with your day, and the cost of your order is the same amount every time. Instead of a part number, you expect your distributor to do their job, not the other way around.

  3. You need more than a transaction. When you have a problem or question, you want an answer from people you trust on quality products and supplies. A huge stock, special and custom orders, and practical, helpful training opportunities are necessities, not luxuries.

  4. Last, but not least, Great Plains Supply Inc. and Pool & Spa Products are local, family-owned businesses that’ve proudly served as our dealers’ lifeguard for three decades, so we understand time and money are precious. We’re here so you can squeeze in that last-minute service call or when you need expert advice to save a project.


It’s easy. Call us, come by or fill out a contact form. Either way, you’ll get real, live help fast.