Nowadays, just about every chemical, pump, filter, heating or lighting piece and pool and spa accessory is available online. You can order whatever you need for the week, month, season or a project from a catalog website on your phone. No customer service, no expert opinion, no personal interaction.

But what if you have a question? What if there’s something new on the market that could improve your margins? Or, speed up your service or project and result in a better outcome? Pool and spa supplies are a commodity, and service has become so shallow. Some like the shallow end, but not us.

To us, this business isn’t only about chemicals, but chemistry. It’s not just about selling equipment, but ensuring we deliver it with knowledge, experience and reliability. We jump in the deep end with you, supporting your business as it grows.

One Source for Great Service and Expansive Inventory

Regardless of what our customers do in the pool and spa industry, it’s the ability to work smarter and more efficiently that will grow their businesses. It seemed like there were pool and spa supply companies out there that provided great service, and some that stocked expansive inventory, but nowhere to turn for both. Great Plains Supply, Inc. was created to partner with our customers and vendors to take the burden off their shoulders of ensuring they have everything they need.

Family Owned Since 1984

After spending 25 years serving the trade in the Midwest market, Steve Reiff founded and opened Great Plains Supply, Inc. in Lenexa, KS in 1984. He brought with him a quarter century of experience from his employment with prominent manufacturers of the era, Swimquip, Sta-Rite and Pac-Fab, as well as the Wholesale Distribution firm, Poolquip-McNeme.

Two years later on the Texas Gulf Coast, Jay Patterson opened Pool & Spa Products in Houston, TX. Jay had 20 years of experience with Carleton Woods, a pioneer pool builder in Beaumont, TX, and later with Poolquip-McNeme in Houston.

In 1992, the two companies joined together, serving the construction, service and retail trades in the Midwest and Texas Gulf Coast markets.

The business has now been transitioned to the next generation. Steve’s daughter, Susan Ahn, and Jay’s son, Blake Patterson, will continue offering quality wholesale distribution service to the 21st century of swimming pool industry professionals, exclusively. Susan and Blake’s partnership carries on the culture their fathers worked hard to create, as well as the deep relationships in the industry and knowledge that comes from having been in our customers’ flip flops and growing up in the industry.

Our Pool & Spa Rules

Long ago, we established “the rules” for our business. Rules let our customers know what to expect. Call us squares, but we don’t break the rules. That way you know you can count on us, time and again.

  • Employ knowledgeable team members who serve as a reliable resource for our customers
  • Maintain a strong, consistent inventory
  • Build and keep strong relationships with our customers, colleagues and manufacturers
  • Provide an exemplary level of service and on-time delivery of products to the swimming pool and spa trade
  • Maintain a financially balanced organization
  • Enhance the business environment of the swimming pool and spa industry