Speaking of pools…we have an experienced pool of talent.

Our employees have unequaled industry experience, and we love to share what we know. We’re also real people who know our customer’s needs, preferences, expectations…and first names. We’re always ready to help and provide the answers or products you’re looking for, because we believe that it’s our job to make you look good!


Steve Reiff

p. (913) 492.1520 ext. 202
e. steve@greatplainspool.com


Susan Reiff Ahn

President & Branch Manager
p. (913) 492.1520 ext. 200
e. susan@greatplainspool.com


Mike Hayes


Team Member since 1984

p. (913) 492.1520 ext. 211
e. mike1@greatplainspool.com


Mitch Watson


Team Member since 1986

p. (913) 492.1520 ext. 212
e. mitch@greatplainspool.com


Stan Lance


Team Member since 1995

p. (913) 492.1520 ext. 208
e. steve@greatplainspool.com

Advantage: Experience. We lap the competition in average staff tenure.

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